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10 truths about dating a shorter guy

When it comes to dating men and women can be extremely shallow. But height shouldn’t matter and we’ll tell you why!

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Dating Expert Janet Smith August 4, 2022 • 5 minutes read
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In a world where dating a shorter guy is unimaginable for many women, it’s not surprising that this is an issue for many men. But height differences shouldn’t matter when it comes to love, and the following truths will show you why!

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1. Kissing will be much easier

1. Kissing will be much easier

Forget about neck problems from trying to kiss a guy who’s taller than you! Kissing your partner will be so much easier if he’s shorter.

Think of famous happy couples like Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden or Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Their kisses seem so natural and comfortable. And now imagine all the different types of kisses you can try out!

2. You can borrow his clothes

Have you ever wondered why cropped boyfriend jeans have been in style for ages? Well, thanks to Katie Holmes looking so unique in Tom Cruise’s pants, boyfriend jeans are now a must-have for any female wardrobe. Even though their relationship is over, the trend is still present!

There’s nothing better than getting to borrow his clothes and smelling his cologne on his shirt or his sweater. Just put his clothes on and have your very own Tom-Cruise-moment!

3. You have the perfect excuse to never wear heels again

3. You have the perfect excuse to never wear heels again

Wearing heels is your worst nightmare? Well, you’re going to have a lot more comfort in your daily life. If you’re one of the taller women dating a shorter guy, you have the perfect excuse for wearing sneakers or other flat shoes all day long!

But it would be best if you realized that your choice of footwear will always be yours. If you do like wearing heels, go for it! You can get fashion inspiration by looking at the beautiful woman Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom Holland together. She always looks adorable in her heels and is comfortable with his size.

4. He can be the perfect cuddle buddy

We all know a good cuddle session is a great way to end or start any day! Short guys are the perfect cuddle buddies, and you can snuggle him, sleep on him and curl up into a ball while he holds you all night long.

He’s shorter, which means that lying down will perfectly align your body with his, making the cuddling that much more comfortable for both of you. Being with him will always feel right.

5. You can drive the same car

I know this may sound random but think about the troubles of sharing a car with someone way taller than you. After one uses the car, you always need to re-adjust the seat and mirrors.

But when you’re dating a shorter guy, life is so much easier! You can share the car, and no adjustments are needed after one of you drives. Save your time and enjoy having the same preferences!

6. You will always feel like a model

6. You will always feel like a model

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a model? If you are dating a shorter guy, you can feel like one from time to time. He will look up to you, your legs will seem longer, and you’ll get all the attention you need. Enjoy feeling like one of the tall women!

7. He understands issues beyond your control

7. He understands issues beyond your control

Have you ever been in a complicated relationship where your partner didn’t get that some things are beyond your control? Well, you won’t have this problem with your shorter boyfriend.

It depends on his experiences, confidence, and personality type, but he may has suffered because of his height from time to time. Feeling like he’s not good enough because of something beyond his control will make him more understanding about your issues.

8. Looking in each other’s eyes feels way more natural

Looking each other in the eye is a staple of every committed relationship. But when you’re dating someone taller than you, you’re always looking up to them, which can feel unnatural.

Well, no more! When you’re both of similar heights, the romantic eye-looks will be just as natural as they were supposed to be. This will make any of your dates or public appearances together more comfortable.

9. He may have experienced toxic masculinity as well

9. He may have experienced toxic masculinity as well

Our society still believes that manliness is all about being tall and strong. Many men even put their height on their dating app profile to prove to the world and their potential dates that they are “masculine”.

So, if you’re in a heterosexual relationship with a shorter guy, he may also have dealt with toxic masculinity himself. This makes him more understand your issues and emotional needs, and being with him will feel more natural and less like a fight.

10. You have a broader dating pool

Have you finally outgrown your shallowness? Congratulations, and now check out all the wonderful potential partners you’ve missed so far! Since you’ve decided to not only date taller people, you’ll have a lot more options when it comes to choosing the right one in the offline or online dating scene.

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