11 warning signs you should break up with your partner

Saying goodbye is hard, but sometimes it's for the best. If you've been thinking about breaking up with your spouse, this list of signs will help make your mind up.

Dating Expert Janet Smith September 28, 2022 • 6 minutes read
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Everyone gets into relationships that don’t work. Sure, breakups can be tough, but it’s better to end a broken relationship rather than drag it out. Here are 11 definite signs the two of you should break up!

1. You don’t enjoy spending time with them anymore

If you don’t enjoy being around your significant other, you need to reevaluate the relationship. When you always prefer spending time with friends and family instead of your partner, it’s a bad sign for your relationship.

Take a step back and ask yourself why you don’t enjoy their company. If the thought of catching up with them feels like a chore, then it might be time to let go.

2. You fight over all kinds of things

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship, but you shouldn’t keep having the same fights repeatedly. If you find yourselves fighting about silly things like who doesn’t do the dishes or who spends too much time on their phone, it might be time to rethink your current relationship.

Breaking up is never easy, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Staying in an unhealthy relationship will only make you both miserable! If these signs ring true for you and your relationship, it might be time to end things.

3. Your partner makes you unhappy

You deserve to be in a mental and physically healthy relationship that will make you feel good. If your mental health is suffering and you’ve found yourself constantly feeling unhappy because of your partner’s behavior, it’s time to end the relationship.

To ensure that your relationship is doing more bad than good, take notes of what happens daily. If you always feel upset, angry, or just plain unhappy after spending time with your partner, then this relationship might not be good for you.

4. You feel like they’re controlling your thoughts and actions

One of the most obvious signs of a toxic relationship is when your partner tries to control every aspect of your life. This kind of behavior is a definite red flag in a partnership.

It’s time to end things if you notice that your partner is trying to control who you’re friends with, what you wear, what you say, and where you go. Those kinds of issues usually only get worse and worse over time!

5. You don’t want to get intimate anymore

The physical intimacy of any kind is a huge part of all happy relationships. If the idea of kissing or hugging your partner makes you uncomfortable, then it might be time to end things. You deserve a physical connection that feels good for you!

A lack of intimacy is often a sign that one of you isn’t interested in being a romantic partner anymore, leading the relationship to become unfulfilling. If this is something you can relate to, it might be time to call it quits.

6. You want different things

In a long-term relationship, most couples go through a period where they’re not on the same page. However, sometimes these rough patches last for months or years at a time. When one partner wants to settle down, get married, and have kids while the other wants to figure things out or travel the world, this might be a possible deal-breaker.

Find out if you’re both willing to compromise on your future together. If you aren’t both ready to make sacrifices regarding your life goals, it might be time to move on.

7. You don’t feel loved anymore

You deserve love and affection from your significant other on a regular basis. If you feel like you’re stuck in a one-sided relationship, then you might consider breaking up with them.

A balanced relationship dynamic is essential for all kinds of partnerships. Your feelings are just as important as your partner’s feelings. If you don’t feel validated, it might be time to end things and look for someone who loves and respects you!

8. They say things that make you feel unsafe

A key sign of an abusive relationship is when your partner makes you feel unsafe. Physical and mental abuse can be incredibly traumatizing and often leave long-lasting scars. Don’t think twice about ending the relationship if your partner has ever made you feel unsafe!

If any of these behavior patterns seem familiar to you, please consider seeking medical advice. Trust your gut feelings. You know if something’s wrong! You deserve to be in a healthy relationship that makes you feel safe and loved.

9. You don’t feel like you can trust each other anymore

Trust is one of the essential foundations for any long-term relationship. If you feel like you or your partner has lost your trust in each other, then that might be a sign that you need to end things.

When someone loses trust, it can do serious damage to any loving relationship and break down what used to be healthy communication between partners. If this applies to you and your spouse, think together about what might cause you to mistrust each other and work out your relationship issues. But if this feeling doesn’t go away, it might be time to move on.

10. Your relationship is like an emotional roller coaster

On one day, your partner acts like they’re in love, and then on the next day, they’re cold and distant. A relationship with highs and lows is often an extremely toxic thing for both of you. When your heart feels like it’s constantly being ripped out, then it might be time to put a stop to things before they get worse!

Bad relationships are like poison for your mental health. When you have to drag yourself through the mud to be together, it’s not worth it. Say goodbye to your toxic partner and start looking for the love of your life!

11. You’ve forgotten why you fell in love with each other in the first place

Remember how exciting it was when you first met your partner, and life felt like one of these romantic comedies? When you couldn’t get enough of each other and were constantly lost in conversation. This wasn’t because you had nothing in common, but rather because it felt like you were soulmates!

Things change over time. Once the rose-tinted glasses come off, you might get a wake-up call. If you can’t remember why you fell in love with your partner anymore, it might be time to move on.

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