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11 tips on how to tell someone you like them over text

Don't know how to tell someone you like them over text? Stop worrying; these 11 tips will help you to tell your crush you like them!

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Dating Expert Janet Smith September 27, 2022 • 8 minutes read
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Telling someone you like them can be a daunting task – at least when you do it in person. That’s why a lot of people want to do it over text!

And asking someone out over text can still be a romantic gesture!

Today, we’ll show you a few tips on how to tell someone you like them over text. Just follow these simple tips:

1. Find the perfect time

1. Find the perfect time

You need to have their undivided attention. Suppose you know your crush has a big test coming up. It wouldn’t be the best time to tell them how you feel. Wait for a time when they’re free and can give you their full attention.

It’s also a great idea to not drunk-text a message like this. You might regret it later on!

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2. Keep it short and sweet

Don’t ramble on; your message doesn’t need to be a novel. When you’re telling someone you like them, keep your message short and sweet. You don’t want to overdo it.

Just express your feelings in a concise way. For example, “I really like you. Would you like to go out sometime?” is much better than a long, rambling message.

3. Use emojis

While emojis might seem a little juvenile, they can be a great way to show someone you like them. Used sparingly, a smiley face or a wink is a great way to start off your text message and let the other person know that you’re interested.

Just imagine you’re sending a text without any emoji. The thing is that without them, your feelings often might not shine through the text. So, a small dose of emoji usage is a great way to show someone you’re interested in more than just a friendly way.

4. Use flattery

4. Use flattery

Flattery will get you everywhere – and it can also work when you’re trying to tell someone you like them. Complimenting the person on something they’ve done or on their appearance is a great way to make your feelings known.

It’s important to be genuine when you compliment someone, but if you can do that, your gesture will be all the more powerful.

Just make sure you’re not too superficial. When you want to compliment their appearance, don’t just tell them they’re oh so beautiful. Compliment something specific, like their eyes or hair.

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5. Use romantic language

If you want to tell someone you like them in a more romantic way, use romantic language. Phrases like “I can’t stop thinking about you” or “I’m falling for you” can let the other person know that you’re serious about your feelings.

Make sure that the language you use is appropriate for the person you’re texting. You don’t want to sound too cheesy or like you’re trying too hard.

6. Keep it casual

When you’re texting someone that you like, it’s important to keep the conversation light and casual. You don’t want to come across as too serious or intense.

Try to stick to topics that are easy to talk about and avoid any serious conversations. This will help make the other person feel more comfortable and make it easier for you to let them know how you feel.

7. Lower your expectations

7. Lower your expectations

Lastly, remember to lower your expectations. It’s important not to get your hopes up too high. The other person might not feel the same way about you.

Just because you’ve sent them a message doesn’t mean they’re going to automatically fall in love with you. Keep your expectations realistic, and you’ll be less likely to be disappointed.

On the contrary, after you’ve lowered your expectations and they like you back, you’ll feel even better!

8. You don’t lose anything if they don’t like you back

Actually, it’s a win-win situation! If the other person doesn’t like you back, you haven’t lost anything. You can still be friends with them, and nothing has to change. Plus, having clarity is better than walking in the dark.

But if they do happen to like you back, then you’ve gained a great friend (or more!) who you can potentially share your life with. Either way, you come out ahead!

9. Stay calm

Calm your nerves and send your text! When you’re telling someone you like them, it’s important to stay calm. If you start getting too nervous, your text might not come out the way you want it to.

Just take a deep breath, type out your message, and hit send. It’s that easy! After that, you’re done! The message is out. Congratulations!

10. Don’t immediately send follow-up texts

10. Don't immediately send follow-up texts

Follow-up texts are really annoying. Save the follow-up text for later. You don’t want to seem too needy or desperate.

Until you have an idea of their reaction, it’s best to just let things be. When they haven’t responded for over a day, you’re allowed to send a follow-up text. But not responding to a message like this is already some sort of response – sadly, it’s mostly a negative one.

11. Don’t declare your love

This is probably the most important rule of them all: don’t declare your love over text! This is a big no-no, and it’s something that you should only do in person.

Declaring your love is just too big a thing to just text, and it’s likely to scare the other person away. Save the big declarations for when you’re face-to-face, and make sure that your text messages are just a way to let the other person know how you feel.

5 great examples of great text messages to tell someone you like them

5 great examples of great text messages to tell someone you like them

Here you’ll find some of the best ways to tell someone you like them over text. Pick a style and alter it to fit your personality. All these texts have been tested, and they work!

1. Hi, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and I can’t stop smiling when I do ☺

A text like this is extremely cute and romantic. It shows that you’ve been thinking about the other person and that you’re happy when you’re around them. That’s something everybody would be happy to hear.

2. I’m starting to fall for you, and I hope you feel the same way 😅

This text seems a bit shyer but is actually very romantic. It confesses your feelings for the other person while also hoping that they feel the same way. It’s a great way to start a conversation and see if the other person feels the same way about you.

3. I really like you 😊

Short and sweet but still a bit mysterious. Why mysterious, you ask? Because liking someone and liking someone is a big difference. You’re sure to get the attention of your crush with a message like this.

4. I can’t get you out of my mind, and I really want to see you again 🥰

A dreamy and romantic way to tell someone how you feel. This text message is perfect for someone you’ve just met or someone you’ve been interested in for a while. It shows that you’re thinking about them and that you want to see them again. What more could they ask for?

5. I know this might come as unexpected, but thinking about you makes me really happy 😊

A text like this is perfect for someone you’re already friends with. It’s a great way to let them know how you feel without coming on too strong. Plus, it’s always nice to know that somebody cares about you and your happiness!

These are just examples, so feel free to change them around to fit your own needs! If you want to be more romantic, go ahead! If you want to be more casual, that’s perfectly fine too! If you want to be a bit more poetic and write a longer message? You do you! As long as your text makes the other person feel good, you’re doing it right.

So there you have it! These are all the things you need to know in order to tell someone you like them over text. Just follow these simple tips, and your crush will be sure to appreciate your romantic gesture. Good luck!

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