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13 fantastic tips for how to get a guy to chase you

You want to attract a certain guy and make him chase you? This article will make you turn into a bombshell!

Dating Expert Janet Smith September 26, 2022 • 10 minutes read
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Do you sometimes feel like you’re invisible to men? Like no matter what you do, they just don’t seem to notice you? If so, you’re not alone. Many women feel this way, and it’s often because they don’t know how to get a guy to chase them.

Today, this article will show you some surefire ways to get a guy to chase you. So, if you’re ready to learn how to make men notice you and want to pursue you, read on.

Some people may see these tips as a bit manipulative. But the truth is, if you want to get a guy to chase you, you have to be proactive. You can’t just sit around and wait for him to make the first move.

1. Put yourself out there

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re putting yourself out there. If you’re hiding away at home all the time, then it’s no wonder that men don’t seem to notice you.

You need to be out in the world, living your life and doing your thing. Go out with your friends, go to parties, and just generally make sure that you’re seen in public.

The more visible you are, the more likely it is that men will take notice of you.

2. Try to attract the right men

You don’t want to attract creeps and negative people, but boyfriend material! So don’t lower your standards just to get attention from a guy. If anything, you should be raising your standards!

It’s also important to be realistic in your expectations. No man is perfect, and neither are you. So don’t expect perfection from him or from yourself. Just try to find someone who makes you happy and who you can see yourself with in the long term.

3. Make eye contact

Another important thing to do if you want to make men chase you is to make eye contact. When you see a guy that you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to look at him and hold his gaze for a few seconds.

This will let him know that you’re interested in him and build loads of attraction. In most men, this will result in an adrenaline rush, and they’ll start to feel the urge to chase you.

4. Smile

Smiling is another great way to show men that you’re interested in them and make them want to chase you. A genuine smile conveys confidence, friendliness, and approachability – all qualities that men find attractive in women.

Smiling is also great for showing emotional stability and a positive mindset. People feel attracted to others who are healthy and positive, as they seem like good long-term prospects.

So, if you want to make men chase you, make sure to smile often.

5. Be flirty and confident

If you want to get a guy to chase you, you need to be flirty. Flirting is all about sending out sexual signals and letting the other person know that you’re interested in them in a sexual way.

There are lots of ways to do this, but some common flirting techniques include making eye contact, touching the person, and playful banter.

Flirting is also a great way to build attraction. By flirtatiously interacting with men, you’re showing them that you’re confident and comfortable with your sexuality. This is very attractive to most men.

If you’re struggling with your own self-esteem, remember: you’re an amazing and attractive woman! So get out there and start flirting with the men you want to chase you.

6. Be independent

One of the most attractive qualities in a woman is independence. A woman who is independent is seen as strong, confident, and capable. This is very attractive to men and will make them want to chase you.

Being independent doesn’t mean that you don’t need a man in your life. It simply means that you’re not desperate for one. You’re happy and content with your own life, but you wouldn’t mind if a great guy came along and added even more happiness to it.

The key is to show him that you don’t need him, but you want him. This will make him see you as a challenge and something worth chasing.

7. Don’t organize your life around him

If you want a guy to chase you, then you need to make sure that your life doesn’t revolve around him. This means having your own hobbies, interests, and goals. You should also have a great group of friends that you enjoy spending time with.

The more independent you are, the more attractive you’ll be to men. They’ll see that you’re not just looking for someone to complete you, but that you’re already a whole and complete person.

Of course, it’s okay to include him in your life and make time for him, but don’t neglect your own life just to be with him. This will only make him lose interest and won’t make him want to chase you.

8. Make him think about you

If you want a guy to chase you, then you need to make sure that he’s always thinking about you. A great way to do so is by using social media, for example. You can post pictures and updates that will make him think about you when he sees them.

But don’t just post anything; post content you’re sure he would like – especially photos of moments he would probably love to be part of.

You can also send him flirty texts or even just text him randomly to say hi. This will make him think about you when he’s not around you and will make him want to chase you. But don’t overdo contacting him!

9. Don’t contact him all the time

Even though you want him to think about you, you don’t want to come across as desperate or needy. That’s the exact opposite of making him chase you! So it’s best to contact him very rarely and when doing so, take your time!

If you’re always the one initiating contact, he’ll start to think that you’re more interested in him than he is in you. This will make him lose interest and won’t make him want to chase you.

Therefore, it’s important that you let him initiate contact almost always. If he doesn’t, you could also send a short message and take ages to reply to him after that.

10. Be passionate about something

Passion is a very attractive trait, not just to men. If you’re passionate about something, it shows that you’re driven and have a strong sense of who you are. This is incredibly attractive to men and will make them want to chase you.

So, what are you passionate about? It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something that you care deeply about. It could be your job, a hobby, or anything else that gets you excited and motivated.

The plus side to having a deep passion is that even if no men are currently chasing you, you’ll still be living a fulfilling and happy life. So find something that you’re passionate about and go after it with everything you’ve got!

11. Be mysterious

If you want to get a guy to chase you, then you need to be a little bit mysterious. Men are natural hunters, and they love nothing more than a good chase.

So, if you’re too easy to get, then they’ll quickly lose interest. You need to be a little bit elusive and make them work for your attention.

The key is to keep them guessing and make them wonder what you’re really like. The more mystery you have, the more they’ll want to chase you. And that’s exactly what you want!

One way to do this is to play hard to get. But what is it exactly?

12. Play hard to get

One of the oldest tricks in the book is playing hard to get. This means being busy and not always available when someone wants to see you. You can also be a little bit mysterious in the way you talk to them, being vague about certain things and not giving away too much information about yourself.

The key is to make them want you more by making yourself seem less available. This will result in them putting in more effort to try and win you over, which is exactly what you want.

For example, a guy is asking you if you’re free on Monday at 2 pm. You could say that you’re not sure yet and need to check your schedule. After doing so, propose Monday at 3 pm – or even another day –, even if you were actually free at 2 pm.

What this does is it tells him that you’re busy and have a life outside of him, which will make him want to chase you more.

13. Be challenging

It’s also important to be challenging if you want a guy to chase you. This means not always agreeing with everything he says and not being afraid to voice your own opinion. It also means not giving in to his every whim and being assertive when you need to be.

Being challenging shows that you’re strong and confident, and that’s very attractive to men. It also shows that you’re not going to take any crap from them, which they’ll respect.

The key is to be challenging without being too aggressive. You want to come across as assertive and confident, not like you’re trying to start a fight.

14. Tips on dating guys that are different

Just because somebody is different doesn’t mean they’re a bad choice. Often, a guy that is completely different from what you’re used to can be a great change of pace – or even show you that you were always looking in the wrong direction when it comes to finding your boyfriend!

For example, you normally feel more attracted to extroverts that are the life of the party. Then it can be quite tricky dating an introvert. Here are some tips on dating an introvert!

Or how should you handle a feminine men when you’re rather used to very masculine machos? These tips for dating feminine men will help you a lot!

So, no matter what: Just try to get out there and get to know many different people! Love often hides in the strangest places!

If you want to get a guy to chase you, then you need to be passionate, mysterious, challenging, and selective. Men are attracted to women who are these things, and it’ll make them want to chase you more.

So don’t be afraid to be a little bit elusive and make them work for your attention. The more they have to chase you, the more they’ll want you. And that’s exactly what you want!

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