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15 truths and tips for dating older men

There's probably no woman out there that would say no to guys like George Clooney, Liam Neeson, or Jeff Bridges. And not just because they're celebrities. These older men are just plain hot, despite their age. Why's that? Let's find out!

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Dating Expert Janet Smith November 15, 2023 • 9 minutes read
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The idea of dating an older man is irresistible to many. And most of it is because an older man will always know what he wants and how to treat a lady. Experience is key.

When it comes to dating, there are a lot of myths out there. One of the most common is that older men aren’t interested in younger women. But is that really true?

As it turns out, the answer is no. In fact, many older men are actually quite interested in dating – and marrying – younger women. So what’s the appeal? And why do so many young women find themselves drawn to older men?

Continue reading and find out everything you should know about dating an older man in this article!

Benefits of dating an older man

Benefits of dating an older man

There are certainly many reasons why dating an older man can be a good choice. Let’s quickly go through the more common and general benefits that come along with dating an older man.

  1. More experience: For one, they often have more life experience and know what they want out of life. Moreover, they make great partners because they know how to treat a person well.
  2. Financial stability: They’re also usually more financially stable, which can be a big plus.
  3. Great lovers: Yes, the rumors are true. Older men often make great lovers as they have plenty of experience!
  4. Calm in difficult times: Since they’re more mature, you can rely on them to take care of you when things get tough.

But dating someone much older than you does come with some challenges that couples should prepare for.

Bitter truths when dating an older man

Bitter truths when dating an older man

There are indeed many benefits that come along when dating an older man. But there are also some drawbacks and bitter truths you should prepare for before choosing to become the partner of an older man.

  1. Different kind of relationship: You should understand that an older man’s relationship with his teenage or 20-something girlfriend is different from that of a younger man. He may already have very set ideas about how things are going to be between the two of you, and he probably won’t budge on them unless he realizes that they’re not working.
  2. No time to mess around: Because of his wealth of knowledge about relationships, an older man will know when you’re being insincere with him, which can make relationship problems run a lot deeper than usual. He does not have the time to mess around with somebody.
  3. More dominance: Another thing that may be not optimal is that an older man will be much more dominant as a partner than a younger male. Also, some may just look at you as a pretty accessory to brag with. Then you’re like a trophy for them for still being an alpha male, despite being old.
  4. There may be children: Also, since he’s already some years ahead of you, he may already have children. Having children makes everything a tad more difficult. He may have less time for you or maybe the children just can’t stand you. In the worst case, they’re as old or even older than you.

But let’s be optimistic and say that your relationship with your older boyfriend is great. The two of you get along very well. But there’s still an age difference between the two of you.

So, you may be dating a geriatric one day you have to care for while you’re still full of youth and want to experience the world. Even if your older boyfriend isn’t looking for someone who takes care of him when he’s old, it may very well end that way.

Why do women find older men so attractive?

Why do women find older men so attractive?

There are many reasons why women find older men attractive. Some say that it’s because older men tend to be more financially stable, while others believe that it’s because they’re more experienced in the bedroom.

Older men are also typically seen as being more reliable and trustworthy than their younger counterparts. This can be a major draw for women who are looking for a long-term relationship.

In addition, many women find older men to be more physically attractive than their younger counterparts.

Whatever the reason may be, there’s no doubt that older men make for great partners. They usually know how to treat a woman well.

Some even claim that women find older men so attractive because they are looking for a father substitute. So, it may be something psychological.

You may find this weird, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Look, most fathers are very kind and gentle towards their kids. If you had a great dad, it’s just natural that you’re looking for someone just like him.

Find out even more reasons why older men date younger women and vice versa!

Dating an older man in your 20s

Dating an older man in your 20s

What is it like to date an older man in your 20’s? When you are in your 20s, there are a lot of things to look forward to: you’re still young and have your whole life ahead of you, you’re likely just starting your career, and you may be enjoying your first taste of independence.

But what about dating an older man? Is that something you should consider?

Dating an older man has a lot of benefits. He is likely more experienced and may have a better sense of what he wants out of life. He may also be more financially stable than younger men, which can be appealing if you’re looking for someone who can provide stability in your life.

However, there are also some things to keep in mind before dating an older man. For example, he may have less time to dedicate to you. And if you’re in an affair with an older man, he may not be as willing or able to focus on just one relationship, which can be troubling if you’re looking for someone who is ready to commit.

And don’t forget that your friends may find it weird to hang out with someone who might be their father age-wise. Also, his friend circle may not accept you as one of them.

Additionally, you’re in your 20s and may just want to enjoy life to its fullest. Committing to a serious relationship with an older man may not be ideal for you, since they tend to take things more seriously.

Not 20 anymore? Then these tips on dating in your 30s will definitely help you!

Tips and red flags when dating an older man

Tips and red flags when dating an older man

Dating an older man can be as fun as it can be challenging. But with the following tips, you’re on the safe side.

1. Be yourself

Don’t let the age difference intimidate you. Many young people dating older men have a feeling of unworthiness because they feel like they have nothing to add to the relationship other than their youth.

You may feel like you’re always a step behind your boyfriend. Don’t let these thoughts discourage you. Be confident!

2. Don’t try to change him

Accept the person you’re dating for who they are. This is not just advice for dating older men, but also dating advice in general.

And also, don’t let someone change you!

3. Appreciate his experience and wisdom

Older men are typically more experienced than their younger counterparts. And they may also be wiser.

Take advantage of this! Not only will you likely learn something new, but he will appreciate your willingness to listen and learn from him.

4. Don’t let him patronize you

He has no right to treat you condescendingly. Don’t let yourself be treated like a child just because you’re younger and less experienced.

If he keeps doing it, even after you told him not to do it, he might have little to no respect for you.

5. Respect his feelings

He may be older and wiser than you, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be hurt. Everybody has feelings.

Another general dating advice: Whether he is younger or older than you, not respecting him isn’t okay!

6. Get your parents on board

Your relationship with an older man may not sit well with your parents. If you want to be able to see him, you need to tell them about him and earn their trust. This is especially important if you’re still a quite young adult.

It’s going to be much easier if you get your parents on board. If they approve of the relationship, your friends and siblings will likely follow suit!

7. Know his true intentions

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of! This is probably the most important tip of them all and also applies to every other relationship.

An older man may have the power in your relationship because he’s likely more mature and has more life experience. You need to recognize that fact and pay attention to his actions if you don’t want him to walk all over you!

Even older men are able to just use you for some fun after-hours. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you should be a hundred percent sure that he’s sincere with you.

To make sure that his intentions are pure, you should make sure to know these powerful signs of male attraction!

Acceptable age difference when dating an older man

Acceptable age difference when dating an older man

Many are afraid that their older boyfriend may be a little bit too old for them. But is there even a “too old”? Well, let’s find out.

The acceptable age difference when dating an older man varies depending on how old you are. When you’re below twenty-five, many would say it’s typically within four to five years. If you’re over twenty-five, the acceptable age difference is around seven years.

But that’s just how the majority of society thinks. Do you really want them to dictate what’s okay and what’s not?

There is no rule for what an acceptable age difference is. Just listen to your heart: If you really like each other, the age difference doesn’t matter.

As long as you both are adults and are up for a relationship, just go for it. Every relationship gets some obstacles in its way. It’s never easy and a relationship with an older man may even be a little bit harder. But if it’s worth it, it’s worth it!

The truth about dating: Books you need to read

If you’re looking for advice on how to have more success when it comes to dating, then you’ll want to check out these reads. Each can teach you something different about the process, from being more confident in yourself to reading other people’s signals correctly. So whether you’re just starting or have been dating for a while and could use help, check out these titles.

  1. Boundaries in Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships
  2. Love: The Psychology of Attraction: A Practical Guide to Successful Dating and a Happy Relationship
  3. Seriously, This Is Online Dating?: How to Love Yourself Harder and Date Smarter
  4. Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age
  5. Things You Should Already Know About Dating, You F*cking Idiot
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