Venus in Taurus man: A relationship with Venus in Taurus man

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Venus in Taurus man. He's known for being one of the most romantic and loyal men out there. Find out now what it's like to be in a relationship with a Venus in Taurus man!

Astrology Expert Kate Porter October 3, 2022 • 6 minutes read
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If you’re lucky enough to have a Taurus man with a Venus in them, make sure you don’t let him go! They are hard to come by, and it’s rare to find a man with such qualities.

Having a Venus refers to their ruling planet, which means that the things Venus represents are important to them, such as beauty, love, and money.

Venus is known to affect a person’s love life. People with Venus are known to be loyal and romantic, and they’re also known for being attracted to people who lean more towards physical displays of affection.

What does having a Venus in a Taurus man mean?

A Venus in these signs means that this planet rules him. Venus is known for its influence over a person’s love life.

Therefore, a Venus in Taurus man is likely to be very romantic and loyal in relationships. He will also have a possessive and stubborn attitude, but these qualities can be seen as positive or negative depending on the situation. A Venus in Taurus man is also usually shy, but this does not mean he is not interested in these types of women.

A Venus in Taurus man is often very interested in women and may find great comfort in them. However, he will eventually want to engage in a romantic relationship with one woman who he can trust and depend on.

A Venus in Taurus man is a great catch for any woman looking for a loyal and committed partner. He will always be there for you and never give up on you. If you can handle his possessiveness and stubbornness, you will have a happy and fulfilling relationship with a Venus-ruled Taurus.

How to have a successful relationship with a Venus-ruled Taurus

1. Avoid getting into arguments with them

Taurus men have very stubborn personalities and are often set in their ways. If you get into arguments with your Taurus man, it’s best to try and find a compromise or agree to disagree. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself wandering in circles without actual resolution.

And because their ruling planet is Venus, this makes them extra possessive and jealous. So if you’re not careful, arguments can quickly escalate into full-blown fights that nobody wants.

2. Don’t be too clingy or needy

Taurus men generally like their space and independence, so giving them plenty of room is essential. If you feel like you’re smothering your Taurus man, back off a bit and give him some time to himself.

Otherwise, he may start to feel suffocated and may even withdraw from the relationship altogether.

And because they’re pretty shy, Taurus men may not always be the best at communicating their needs. So it’s important to pay attention to his nonverbal cues and give him the space he needs, even if he doesn’t always ask for it outright.

3. Make them feel needed

While Taurus men like their independence, they also want to feel needed. So if you’re too independent or aloof, your Taurus man may feel like you don’t need him or your relationship. 

Make sure to show appreciation for all he does, and try to include him in your plans as much as possible. This will help him feel like a valuable part of the relationship and make him feel more invested in it.

Remember that a Venus in Taurus man needs a relationship’s stability, security, and loyalty. So as long as you can provide those things, you’re likely to have a long and happy relationship with your Taurus man.

4. Don’t push their buttons

Because their ruling planet is Venus, this makes them committers, and they will usually stick to their decision. However, some things can make them change their minds.

Pushing their buttons is not the way to get them to do what you want, but it may be the way to get them to end things.

5. Don’t play games with them

Taurus men are very straightforward, so they don’t like games. Avoid playing mind games if you’re looking for a serious relationship with a Taurus man. They might withdraw from the relationship if they get fed up.

Having Venus in them also means that they can be quite hopeless romantic. So, if you’re not ready for a serious relationship or if you end up messing with them (especially in that area,) maybe it’s best not to enter this relationship.

6. Avoid being disloyal or unfaithful

Taurus men are very loyal and expect their partners to be the same. They will likely end things with you if you’re unfaithful or disloyal. They don’t take kindly to betrayal, and it takes a long time for them to trust again.

Venus also rules over money and possessions so that a Taurus man may shower you with gifts. However, if you’re materialistic, they will quickly see through that, and it’ll turn them off.

7. Don’t be be too critical of them

Taurus men are pretty sensitive, so they don’t take kindly to criticism. They will eventually get fed up and end things if you’re constantly putting them down or nitpicking at them.

It’s crucial to build them up and make them feel good about themselves, as that’s what they need in a relationship.

Especially if they have Venus in them, they will need to feel loved and appreciated. So, make sure you’re doing that if you want things to work out.

8. Avoid making them feel jealous

Taurus men can get jealous quickly, so it’s best to avoid making them feel that way. If you make them jealous, they might react in a possessive or controlling way.

It’s important to give them space and not try to control them too much. They need to feel like they can trust you and that you will not try to take away their freedom.

Appreciate them for who they are, and don’t try to change them. They’re very loyal and committed, so you should have a happy and healthy relationship with a Taurus man as long as you avoid doing these things.

9. Appreciate them

Taurus men need to feel loved and appreciated. If you take them for granted, they will eventually get fed up and end things.

Ensure you’re showing them how much you care, and don’t take them or their efforts for granted. They’ll appreciate it, and it’ll make the relationship stronger.

Venus also rules over money and possessions, so don’t take advantage of their generosity. They’re very loyal and committed, so you should have a happy and healthy relationship with a Taurus man as long as you avoid doing these things.

So, if you’re looking for a happy and healthy relationship with a Taurus man, make sure you avoid doing these things. Appreciate them for who they are, and don’t try to change them. They’re very loyal and committed, so as long as you avoid these things, you should have a great relationship with a Taurus man.

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Traits & personality of the zodiac sign Taurus


April 20 - May 20
  • Season: Middle of spring
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit animal: Beaver
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Lucky number: 6

Taurus traits

  • Strengths: Grounded, patient, reliable, responsible
  • Weaknesses: Angry, stubborn, possessive

Taurus compatibility

  • Greatest compatibility: Cancer Virgo Capricorn Scorpio
  • Least compatibility: Leo Aquarius
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