Leo compatibility guide: About love & life

Are you a Leo looking for love? Or maybe you’re already in a relationship but want to know if your partner is compatible with you. Keep reading to learn more about Leo compatibility in both love and friendship.

Spiritual Guru Chanya Chupzda Pransheed September 26, 2022 • 6 minutes read
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A Leo is a fixed sign, which means that they are always driven and ambitious. They are often strong-willed, with a great sense of self-confidence, creativity, and determination.

A Leo is also a fire sign, which means that they are passionate and full of energy. They are natural leaders, always ready to take charge and motivated to achieve their goals.

Leo personality traits

1. Creative

A Leo is a highly creative individual, always full of new ideas and ways to express themselves. They also tend to be very spontaneous, preferring spur-of-the-moment activities over more structured ones.

2. Warm-hearted

A Leo is known for their warmth and generosity. They are always ready to lend a helping hand and make sure everyone around them is happy and comfortable.

3. Humorous

Leos are also big on humor, often making others laugh with their witty and playful personalities. They can be a bit dramatic at times, but this is all in good fun and rarely taken too seriously.

4. Passionate

As a fire sign, Leos are naturally passionate about everything they do. They would make a powerful partner. They put their whole heart and soul into everything they set their minds to, whether it’s work, hobby, or relationship.

5. Supportive

Leos also make great partners, friends, and family members because of their innate ability to be supportive. They are always there for those they care about and can always be counted on in times of need.

6. Arrogant

While Leos are generally warm and supportive, they can also be prone to arrogance at times. They may come across as overly confident or outspoken, which can sometimes rub others the wrong way.

7. Self-centered

Leos can also be quite self-centered, often needing to be the center of attention. They may not always be aware of it, but this need for attention can sometimes come across as narcissistic or egotistical.

8. Lazy

Leos can also be quite lazy, preferring to take the easy way out at times. They may not always be motivated to stick to a task or follow through on their commitments, which can sometimes make them unreliable.

9. Dominating

Leos are, in nature, leaders. but this can sometimes translate into a need to dominate those around them. They may not always be aware of it, but their desire to be in control can sometimes come across as bossy or overbearing.

10. Impulsive

Leos can also be quite impulsive, sometimes jumping into situations without thinking them through first. They tend to act on their gut instincts rather than analyzing the situation from all angles.

Leo best match

There are several zodiac signs that a Leo would get along with quite well. These signs are Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius.

1. Leo and Aquarius

A Leo and Aquarius make a great match because they are both creative and spontaneous individuals. They both enjoy trying new things and always have something new to bring to the relationship.

Learn more about the Leo-Aquarius compatibility here!

2. Leo and Gemini

A Leo and a Gemini make a great match because they are both passionate and full of energy. They always have something new to talk about and are never bored when they are together.

Learn more about the Leo-Gemini compatibility here!

3. Leo and Aries

A Leo and an Aries make a great match because they share many of the same personality traits. This couple would be strong-willed, determined individuals who aren’t afraid to take risks in their pursuit of success.

Learn more about the Leo-Aries compatibility here!

4. Leo and Libra

A Leo and a Libra make a great match because they balance each other out nicely. Leos are more outgoing and spontaneous, while Libras are more laid-back and analytical.

Learn more about the Leo-Libra compatibility here!

5. Leo and Sagittarius

A Leo and a Sagittarius make the best match, as they share many of the same personality traits and qualities. They are both passionate and driven individuals who are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves.

Learn more about the Leo-Sagittarius compatibility here!

Leo worst match

While Leos get along with several zodiac signs, there are also some that they can butt heads with! These zodiac signs are Taurus and Scorpio.

1. Leo and Taurus

A Leo and Taurus often butt heads because they have very different personality types. Leos are more outgoing and impulsive, while Taurus is more patient and grounded.

Learn more about the Taurus-Leo compatibility here!

2. Leo and Scorpio

A Leo and a Scorpio would often butt heads because they have very different personalities. Leos are more confident and outspoken, while Scorpios are more mysterious and introspective.

Learn more about the Scorpio-Leo compatibility here!

Frequently asked questions about the Leo compatibility

1. What month is Leo?

Leo is traditionally associated with the month of August. Yet anyone who is born from July 23 to August 22 would be a Leo.

2. What is a Leo?

Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac. Leo people are known for their courage, strength, and loyalty.

3. What element is Leo?

The element associated with Leo is fire. Leos are typically seen as passionate and driven individuals who always seek to reach their full potential.

4. What planet rules Leo?

The planet that rules Leo is the sun. Leos are thought to be very creative, charismatic, and independent individuals who always strive to shine.

5. What is a Leo’ spirit animal?

Some believe that Leos have a lion as their spirit animal, due to the association of this powerful animal with the Leo sign. Other potential spirit animals for Leos include eagles, hawks, cheetahs, and tigers.

6. What type of sign is Leo?

Leo is a fixed sign. This means that they are typically seen as loyal and steady individuals who are less likely to change their minds or waver in their convictions. Leos also tend to be quite stubborn at times!

7. What sign is compatible with Leo?

There are several signs that are compatible with Leo, including Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius. These signs are thought to complement Leo’s passionate and fiery personality.

8. Which zodiac sign is Leo’s soulmate?

There is no one specific sign that can be said to be Leo’s soulmate. Instead, it is thought that any of the compatible signs listed above could make for a great match for Leo.

9. Who should Leo avoid?

Leos should avoid getting into relationships with Taurus and Scorpio signs, as these signs are thought to be incompatible with Leo’s personality. Leos may also have difficulty getting along with Virgo and Capricorn signs.

10. What personality traits are Leos attracted to?

Leos are typically drawn to people who have similar personality traits, such as passion, creativity, charisma, and assertiveness. Leos tend to get along best with those who share strong personalities as well as their sense of independence and confidence.

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Traits & personality of the zodiac sign Leo


July 23 - August 22
  • Season: Middle of summer
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Gold, Yellow, Orange
  • Spirit animal: Salmon
  • Birthstone: Peridot
  • Lucky number: 4

Leo traits

  • Strengths: Creative, warm-hearted, humorous, passionate
  • Weaknesses: Arrogant, self-centered, lazy

Leo compatibility

  • Greatest compatibility: Aquarius Gemini Libra Aries Sagittarius
  • Least compatibility: Taurus Scorpio
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